Archery FAQ


You’re not alone everyone at the club started from the same point as you! Here are some of the common problems that novice archers face and how to overcome them. Remember these are guidelines and you need to adapt to your body type and style. The notes and advice in this section are for guidance but remember that Lintman Archery Club has a team of qualified archery coaches available so if in any doubt or if you have any questions Paul and his coaching team are always available to help and advise.

Aimed at those new to archery and new members of Lintman Archery Club the FAQ’s cover the following main subject areas:-

  • The Ten Step shooting technique – learnt on your beginners course
  • Archery Basics – common queries and problems
  • Getting to know your bow – details of the parts of a bow
  • Range Etiquette – what you need to know about shooting on the range
  • Glossary of terms

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