Range Etiquette


  • When practising/club shooting
    • If you are one of the first to the range please help to setup the target faces.
    • Always stay behind the waiting line until ‘the whistle’ before approaching the shooting line. Please note there are different ‘whistle sequences’ used based on the rules being followed, the person in control of the shooting will advise the correct whistle sequence to be followed.
    • Do not talk to archers next to you on the shooting line as this may distract them
    • Load your arrow to your bow in a vertical position so you do not interfere with other archers on the line
    • When leaving the line after shooting, do not leave when the adjoining archer is at full draw
    • After shooting return your bow to the rest behind the waiting line
    • Wait until you hear the whistle (x3) to collect arrows before crossing the shooting line
    • When you have finished practising, ask the other archers if they will be using the target face you are using, if not then when you collect your final arrow take down the face and return it to the shed
    • If you are last to leave the range please check to make sure the sheds are securely locked and when you leave the range shut and lock the gate in place
    • Never draw and aim your bow at any place other than a target face and only when on the shooting line after the whistle has sounded.