Battle of Agincourt Shoot

Battle of AgincourtKing Henry V requests the presence of Lintman Archers to aid in the defeat of the evil forces of King Charles V1of France on the fields of Agincourt (Lintman Archery field) on the 25th day of October in the year 1415 (we are a bit late answering the call so hopefully 600 years is of little matter).


The battle will commence at 10.00 with briefings at 09.45.

Please bring your war bow – all types welcome, unfortunately in 1415 there was to be no sighting aids of any kind so verily I say remove such modern mechanical abominations from thy bows before reporting for duty

HenryThe battle plan consists of informal briefings with our noble band of archers shooting at advancing French knights in mass volleys of arrows

We expect the battle to last no more than an hour due to the power and skill of our massed archery ranks

We look forward to the day…….for God King and Country victory will be ours