Bow checks

The bow needs to be checked before you shoot to ensure that everything is always set up the same way to aid shooting consistency. There are several items that need to be checked at novice level:

  • String
    • The string ‘twists’ can change and in turn this will change the position of the string in the grooves at the top and bottom of the bow (at the end of each limb). It can also change the position of the nocking point which in turn can affect the ‘level’ of the arrow and its flight.
    • To check the string is always at the same tension you can use a ‘Bracing Height Gauge’:Bracing Height Guage
    • The bracing height gauge should be measured at three separate points:
      • ‘The Brace Height’ – the length from the string to the centre of the ‘button’ (if fitted) or the arrow rest. The brace setting will normally be indicated by the manufacturer but of course if in any doubt please talk to one of the coaches.
      • The ‘Top’ & ‘Bottom’ tiller points
         Your coach will be able to help you with these measurement


  • You should make a note of the sight setting for the different distances you are shooting. Make sure you have the sight set at the right height and that the aiming ring has not moved.