Bow hand position

The Bow hand placement can be facilitated by putting a modest amount of tension on the string as the bow hand is relaxed and placed into position.
This string tension will hold the position of the draw hand on the string and will set the bow handle into the bow hand.

The bow hand should fit snuggly into the upper portion of the throat of the handle. The knuckes of the bow hand should be relaxed ans positioned at a 45 degree angle to the bow riser. the thumb should be pointed toward the target. A wrist or finger sling can be used to restrain the bow from flying forward out of the hand during the release. At no time should the bow handle be grasped.

When holding the bow the direction, distribution and amount of pressure on the bow hand must be consistent and “natural”. At no time should the bow handle contact the bow hand to the outside of the “life line”.