Archery Progress Awards

Indoor and Outdoor awards available

The Archery GB Progress award scheme is a progression of awards for new archers after completion of their Beginners’ Course.

5 award badges available

Members can earn awards by achieving qualifying scores from 3 dozen arrows on three occasions.

  • 5 Award Badges – White, Black, Blue, Red and Gold.
  • Separate awards for indoors and outdoors
  • Outdoors each award shot at different distances from 20yds White to 60yds Gold.
  • 5 Age groups – U12; U14; U16; U18 and Seniors
  • The Club will be awarding Indoor Progress Awards from September 2023.

Details of the qualifying scores for each badge is available to download:

To claim an award scores need to be recorded on a Progress Award Score sheet or scoring app as the round is shot, independently witnessed and submitted to the Club Records officer.

Progress Award Score Sheets are available to download to print at home.