6 Gold Ends at Surrey Junior Champs

Surrey champs 6 gold end

Last Saturday saw sharp shooting from Club Juniors – Abigail and Rhys at the Surrey Junior Open Championship at Woking.

Shooting on the same target both achieved 6 Golds on the same end!

Rhys went on to win the Warlingham Archers Cup for under 12 Gents Recurve, scoring 836 for the Metric 4 round. 

Abigail scored 1116, also for a Metric 4, coming second in the Under 14 Ladies Recurve.

In the Butterfield Cup, the Club competition Lintman came a very creditable fourth in the County.

Well done to both on a great performance for the Club.

June Club Shoot and BBQ

Sunday 4th June 2017 sees the next round of our Outdoor Series of Club competitions for members. For June we are shooting Windsor Rounds which are 3 dozen arrows at each of three distances.

This month there will be a BBQ (weather permitting) and the Club will be providing burgers and sausages for competitors. Members can bring additional food to cook on the BBQ if preferred.

The Outdoor Series is a series of relaxed competitions, aimed at all Club members from beginners to more experienced archers. No previous experience of shooting competitions is necessary. Distances to be shot will be based on ability and experience. 

The competition will start at 10:00 (Assembly) so please arrive in good time. We expect the shoot to be finished by 14:30 (including the BBQ).

Lintman Juniors Success at Junior Open

8 of the Club’s Junior Archers took part in the Lintman Junior Open competition on Saturday with  3 setting new Club Records scores.

The Lintman Junior Shoot attracts archers from across the Southern Counties to compete in a Western Round based competition. With 62 archers from 18 Clubs taking part our junior squad faced some tough competition.

Club records went to Rhys, Annabelle and Ciara in their respective age groups.

Ciara won Gold and Rhys, Annabelle and Scarlett all took Bronze in their respective classes.

The Lintman Team finished fourth overall, with a credible score of 2,636.

Well done to everyone, with the majority of the Squad taking part in their first formal competition. 

Chairman’s Update Blog – May 2017

Michael Roper

It has been some time now since my last Chairman’s update and I wanted to give some reflections on what has been an amazing amount of activity in the last few months: –

We closed off our winter season at Bisley with the competition against archers from Farnham Archery Club. As usual in recent years we came second but it did mark a season where we had good participation rates throughout and achieved our objectives of breaking even. I also know that several archers improved their personal bests on the Portsmouth round. If you haven’t tried this form of archery I do recommend giving it a go next season.

We held our first indoor beginner’s course at Bisley also during this time and I think this experiment was a success. As I write this update we have also held our first outdoor beginners course with great feedback and influx of new members. The remaining two courses this year are fully subscribed. Many thanks to our coaches and helpers for making these events enjoyable and instructive.

William Tell Winner
Anthony – William Tell Winner 2017

We started the outdoor season with our popular William Tell fun shoot which was again well attended. Thanks for all those that supported the event and it was good to see the high standard of archery with quite a few apple hits.
We are now well into our monthly competition shoots with two held already and another in a couple of weeks’ time.
Speaking of competitions, it was good to see the numbers that participated in the Frostbite shoot and the new 252 badge competition has been incredibly popular. The 20 and 30 yard targets have had their middles shot out due to the high number of participants who have been hammering the gold at these ranges!! Whilst this activity necessitates restacking the targets, it is a price well paid given the vast number of arrows members are shooting. I do feel sorry for Lindsey our records officer who is now extremely busy in processing vast numbers of scoring sheets – sorry for that workload!!

We have seen a number of club records shot already this season and congratulations to those archers.

We have received a couple of enquiries on different bow types and how they fit into classifications. This is somewhat of a complicated subject due to the Archery GB bow descriptions being somewhat vague and ambiguous in the rules of shooting. The committee has trusted me to be the arbiter on bow type classification for the club, please contact me if you are unsure in what category your bow should sit. In time I intend to write an illustrated guide with brief histories on bow types for the web site.

This weekend we host the annual Lintman Junior Open Competition. Entrants are the highest they have been for a number of years with 8 Lintman junior archers among the ranks. Derek initially set up the junior squad and it is great to see this part of the club flourishing again.

The replacement mower is now in full operation. As a committee, we agonised over this purchase decision for the last couple of years, but it was somewhat forced upon us when the original mower became economically unrepairable. We realise this has used up almost all of our Capital reserves and a little more but, it does set us up for what I hope in the longer term a more reliable and sustainable solution. Additional range equipment acquired are, a line painting machine and three new targets in the last couple of weeks.

We continue to work on longer term car parking solutions once Wates finish their current work. More to come on this in future updates.

The maintenance day was well attended. Thank you to all that came along. Ditches were cleared, felled trees cut up, targets re-stacked, ivy removed from trees and holes in the range filled in, plus a couple of complete amateurs managed to spend three hours building a picnic table and bench!!!

At our Western shoot, we received a visit from our landlords. The timing was excellent, as the maintenance day was the day before and the range was looking great. It was also a very busy shooting day, which showed how much the club is flourishing. They was very complimentary on what we have been achieving and how we manage the field. ‘Keep doing what you are doing’ was one of a number of great pieces of feedback.

As I look back on the last six months, I am hugely encouraged by the activity at the club. We have high numbers of members shooting, with Sunday morning and Tuesday evening club slots being very popular. It is also good to see different bow types flourishing with an active number of horsebow, compound and longbow archers adding to the already strong recurve base. I do feel the future is bright for our club and in addition to the growth we are not losing sight of one of our primary aims of having some fun also!!

Be the arrow not the target


Junior Open Shoot – Help Needed

How you can help and support the Club

Next weekend the Club hosts the Lintman Junior Open Shoot on our Archery field on Saturday (20 May). For those new to the Club this annual event is a junior competition open to all Archery GB junior archers from across the country.

To make this event happen we rely on the support of Lintman members and parents of members to help us by:-

  • Donating raffle prizes – there is a collection box in the shed or just bring them along on Saturday
  • Donating cakes for sale in the food tent
  • Helping to manage and take down the competition range on Saturday
  • Assisting with managing Parking and Competitor Registration
  • Helping visiting archers with scoring
  • Assisting in our food tent or with the raffle

Set up will be from 08:00 and we expect to be cleared away by 16:00. Even if you can only spare an hour or two please do come along – it is great fun.

Outdoor Series – Western Rounds

This Sunday, 7th May is the next round in our Outdoor Series of Club competitions. This month we will be shooting a Western Round which is 8 dozen arrows (4 dozen at each of 2 distances).

As with all our Outdoor Series competitions this fun competition is open to all members from beginners to more experienced archers. Everyone will be able to shoot a round matched to their experience and ability.

Assembly is at 09:45 with shooting to commence at 10:00.

Members’ Home Page

Following feedback from members we have introduced a new website ‘Home Page’ specifically for club members.

As well as providing links to the Latest Club News articles and the Shooting Diary there will be a ‘Status’ indicator to let members know when the Archery Field is temporally Closed for grass mowing, other maintenance work or special events.  The status image has a Green border for when the field is available and a Red border and more details when it may be restricted.

This will enable members to check the status on a near real time basis and avoid wasted trips to the Archery Field.

Check out the page, and bookmark it on your smartphone or tablet for easy access.

Members Home


Longbow Archery with the Fraternity of St George

Recently Club member Paul Greenhalgh joined a longbow archery day run by the Fraternity of St George. Here is Paul’s account of a great archery day out…

“During the two years since I was first introduced to the recurve bow at a Lintman beginner course, I’ve been taking an increasing interest in traditional archery, especially with the longbow.

So, when I found the Fraternity of St George on the internet, and I saw that they welcomed archers for training / open shoot days, it was only a matter of time before I would make contact and join them for a shoot.

So, on a Saturday morning in early March I found myself on the Yattendon Park estate, near Thatcham, being sized up for a longbow to borrow for the day.

The Fraternity of St George is a wonderful, welcoming bunch of people from all walks of life and all parts of Europe, who gather together to shoot traditional style shoots on some of our loveliest estates.

The morning was spent becoming acquainted with the longbow, during a personal instruction session led by Brian Mooyaart, the driving force behind the Fraternity. Transferring skills from the recurve to the longbow was pretty straightforward – shooting well with a longbow is of course a different matter!

In the afternoon I participated in ‘shooting at the marks’. This is a typical longbow shoot. The targets were not the bosses and faces that we’re familiar with, but stakes with painted signs on them, which had been set out across the estate beforehand. Shooting at the marks faithfully reproduces the disciplines that all Englishmen used to have to practice – basically training to rain arrows down on foreign soldiers.

Once the entire row of archers had fired their three arrows at the distant mark, we walked up to see how we’d done. A piece of cord marked off at different lengths is walked in a circle around the mark – basically it would be a concentric circle target if viewed from directly above. Once the scoring was complete, we’d be shown the next mark. Some were very distant, some were uphill, some downhill, some unsighted and many were behind groups of mature oaks. Thus, the skill of the archer was in judging distance, and choosing a trajectory that would clear any obstacles in the way. We were always on the move, covering quite a large part of the estate during the shoot.

The parallels between shooting at the marks and golf are striking – in fact it’s rumoured that the original format of golf was based directly upon shooting at the marks.

The links between this archery discipline and history are many and fascinating (if that’s your thing)! Modern artillery such as mortars still judge a ‘hit’ to be anywhere within 18 feet of the target… that’s three longbow lengths. One longbow discipline involves loosing as many accurate arrows as possible within 30 seconds. It’s 30 seconds because that’s how long it takes a charging cavalry officer between coming into range and being close enough to spear you with his lance.

If you walk up Lombard Street in the City, you see a couple of what look like pub signs- they are in fact original marks that have been hung there because that area used to be a big archery range….. the historical gems just keep coming!

By the end of the day I’d had a really great walk in lovely countryside, I’d had a lot of fun doing some quite challenging archery, I’d met very interesting people from all over England, France, Belgium and Sweden – and I’d had a terrific time.

The Fraternity organises quite a few shoots during the year – mainly in the home counties. If you don’t own a bow, they will happily rent one to you for the day and their instruction is very good.

When I contacted them, they were very friendly and excited to be talking to a new potential member. You can get more information from : www.longbow-archers.com/fraternity ”

The photographs are reproduced with permission © Fraternity of St George.

Lintman 252 Award Scheme Launched

For 2017 the Club is introducing a new ‘252 Award’ scheme for members. The scheme is designed to help practice shooting at the different distances and have progress achievements recognised.

Awards are made for scoring 252 or better from 3 dozen arrows at any standard distance from 20yds – 100yds. [That’s for recurve archers, there are alternative target scores for other bow types].

The scheme will run at our Club target sessions on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

Full details are on the 252 Awards page, in the Members Section of this website. Press the button to access.

252 Awards

Details and 252 Award scoresheets are also available in the main shed.



Junior Open Shoot – 5 Weeks to go

With the outdoor archery season now well underway it is just over five weeks before Lintman Archery Club will host its annual Junior Open Shoot at the Club’s field on Saturday 20th May 2017.

The Lintman Junior Open Shoot is a friendly competition established as an introduction to competitive archery exclusively for junior archers. There are many classes all based on Western rounds.

This is the Club’s flag-ship event of the year and we encourage all our Junior members to get their entries in now and to come along and join in the fun with junior archers from Clubs across the southern counties.

More Details Entry Form