Club Records and Handicaps

Club Records are awarded for the highest scores shot by a club member for each recognised Round and Bow Type. The current Club Records were reset in 2010.

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Club records were last updated as at 31 July 2018.

If at any time you feel you have achieved a better score than those shown in the Club Records above, please let the Records Officer know.

Based on scores submitted by members the Club also maintains each member’s archery handicap and classification once they have submitted three qualifying rounds. Handicaps and classifications are established for each different bow style and different handicaps for indoors and outdoors. (More details – see our Scoring and Records page).

Handicaps and Classifications were last updated 31 July 2018

2018 Outdoor Season:

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Outdoor Classifications
Outdoor Handicaps

2017/18 Indoor Season

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Indoor Handicaps

2017 Outdoor Season:

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Outdoor Classifications
Outdoor handicaps

252 Award progress:

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252 progress was last updated 31 October 2017

If you have any queries on your scores or records please contact Lindsey Roberts our Records Officer via email at