Autumn Target

Lintman offers a range of archery coaching opportunities for members from beginners to more experienced archers.

Our coaches deliver beginners courses, run follow up training sessions for new members  and provide ‘On the line’ coaching and advice at the Sunday morning Club Target shoots.

Our experienced team of four Archery GB qualified coaches are:-

  • Paul Hilderley – Level 2 Coach
  • Mike John – Level 1 Coach
  • Derek Trigg – Level 1 Coach
  • James Milne – Level 1 Coach
  • Laurent Rathborn – Level 1 Coach
  • Michael Roper – Level 1 Coach

‘On the Line’ ad hoc coaching is available from the ‘on duty’ coach each week. No appointment is necessary just ask the duty coach for help. Topics covered include:

  • Bow tuning
  • Stance
  • Shooting technique
  • Equipment advice

Where appropriate coaching may be delivered on our training range to avoid disruption to other members shooting.

There is no coaching on the first Sunday of the month during the Outdoor Series of Club competition shoots during the summer (March to October). Details of the coach on duty (which may be subject to change) is available on the following schedule:-

2018 Coaching Rota

In addition to regular coaching activities individual development coaching is available. The coaching team can put together an individually tailored coaching programme for any interested member. Participants will be asked to keep a coaching log of activities, which will be completed by the coach at the end of each session. Email to contact the coaching team for more details.