DofE Award

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Regular participation in Archery can meet the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme requirements for the Physical Section.

Through an individual programme of activity every participant needs to demonstrate progress in achieving their own goals.

Our Archery GB qualified coaches can act as an assessor for Club members taking part in the DofE Award Scheme.

There are four simple stages to completing the DofE Physical section.

Stage 1 – Preparation

Before starting your Physical section participants need to agree their personal goals / objectives with their DofE scheme leader and a Lintman coach as the assessor. A Programme planner is available to download.

Example goals could include:

  • Learn the basic archery techniques and improve through regular participation and sharing
  • Train for and compete in an Archery competition
  • Work towards and achieve a relevant Archery award or Classification (e.g. obtain an Archery GB or local progress award)
  • Improve Archery Handicap

Stage 2 – Training

If new to archery participants will need to complete an Archery GB beginner course which can also be included as part of the activity.

Stage 3 – Activity

Participate regularly (at least 1 hour a week on average) and record activity and progress on a Physical Activity Log. The activity log for printing can be downloaded – DofE Activity Log Physical

Stage 4 – Assessment

To complete the programme participants will need to meet with the coach to share their activity log and talk about what they achieved. The Lintman coach will then arrange to complete the assessment via the online eDofE.