Dust off your bow…

Lintman TargetsThe warm weather has finally arrived and the Lintman Archery range is now fully open for members (here’s hoping it stays dry now the mud has finally dried!). We now have 11 targets on the main range –  at distances between 20 – 100 yds as well as 5 additional mobile targets on the separate training and tuning range.

Now is the time to dust off your bow and come and participate in your Club. We are again running an Outdoor Series of Competitions – usually on the first Sunday of the month throughout the Summer although this coming Sunday – 8th May – also sees a Western Round shoot postponed from last week. Click on Shooting Diary for details of this and all upcoming events.

At our Sunday morning club members’ shoots one of our club coaches is available to help and advise members from beginners to more experienced archers looking to get to the next level.

Remember the range is open every day so use the great weather to come and get some practice in.