Lintman William Tell Fun Shoot

05/03/2017 @ 09:45 – 11:15
Lintman Archery Club
Bagshot Road, South Ascot, Surrey SL5 9JU
Micheal Roper

William Tell ShootI am sure you will all have read and heard about the legend of William Tell where a father so confident of his archery skills shoots an apple of his sons head.
We will kick off the season with a special fun shoot on Sunday 5th March when we invite Lintman members to attempt to recreate this wondrous feat.
All bow types are welcome excluding crossbows!! – although we will bring one along to illustrate.
Shooting will be ‘barebow’ – so all forms of artificial sights and stabilisation aids cannot be used and must be removed
The event will start with a briefing at 09:45 followed by the shoot at 10:00. It should last no longer than an hour.
The event is not a direct scored competition but will run in a similar way to the Agincourt shoot last year.
Just to clarify we will be using mannequins to support the apples at this event although they of course will not be the targets!!
We hope to see as many members as possible for this fun shoot