From the Chairman..

Michael RoperI would like to start by saying how honoured I am in being selected as Chairman of Lintman Archery Club and the faith the club and members are placing in me.

In taking up the role I would firstly like to recognize the considerable efforts of the outgoing Chairwoman Pat Beaumont. In Pat’s tenure the club has gone from an organization with an uncertain future to one that is healthy and growing with many improvements recognised over the last few years in particular. Pat should be rightly proud of that legacy along with her fellow committee members.

I would also like to recognise the effort of another outgoing committee member Mark Beaumont. Mark’s efforts as Treasurer and very active committee member often go unseen. Very few people have put as much effort and hard work into the club in the last few years.

So what of the future? – Well, Lintman is very much a family friendly club run by the members for the members. There are certainly no plans to dilute or change that DNA. However, we need to strive to make a good thing better together. Whilst the committee will continue to work on ideas and innovations it is important that we all have an input into the future. If any members have ideas on what we could do better or possible innovations please let me or any of the committee members know about those ideas. I cannot promise all ideas will be implemented but I do guarantee they will be given full consideration and a fair review.

Arrow SketchFinally one other word ‘fun’. Mark Pritchard once said ‘You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing’. I believe we all need to enjoy and have some fun at our club. Of course safety is paramount and there are always serious and responsibility laden tasks to undertake in running a club but that won’t stop us enjoying ourselves and creating an environment where that sense of fun and enjoyment can flourish.

Keep tuned and become the arrow not the target