Frostbite League

During the winter we run a Club Frostbite League between November and March.

The Frostbite, as the name implies is a round ideally suited to colder weather as it is quick and straight forward.

It is a metric round of 3 dozen arrows – just six ends – shot at 30m. The round uses a smaller 80cm target face and 10-zone scoring.

The league table for the 2022/3 season will appear here and be updated monthly once sufficient qualifying scores have been submitted.

The league table comprises the average of each member’s three best scores during the period between 1st November and 31 March each winter. Members are added to the League table once three qualifying scores have been submitted. There are categories for each bow type. Juniors have their own league.

Recurve League February 2023

ArcherAverage Score
Andrew Robinson313
Derek Trigg303
Pam Johnson298
Philip Roberts288
Gaynor Wood236
Adrian Murnaghan232
Andrew Wood229
Lindsey Roberts220
Chris Hampton192
Elizabeth Paine164