Indoor Season Ends & Records Update

On 22nd March we held the last Indoor shoot of the season. This included the Lintman Challenge Cup competition versus Farnham Archers. Despite some very good scores from our own archers, after adding all 7 valid scores from each team and averaging them the result was 5 points in favour for Farnham. Well done to all who took part, maybe next year!

The Winter Competition

Highest Scoring Longbow Trophy – Lance Wark with 401.
Highest Score Overall Trophy – Laurent Rathborn with 570 (Recurve)
Handicap Trophy winner was Pat Beaumont (Longbow) 6012, followed closely by Adrian Murnaghan (Recurve) 5911.
The highest scoring Junior was Adam Thomas with 505 (Barebow).
The Indoor Season Handicap & Classification lists have now been updated on the Club Records & Handicaps page in the Members Info section, along with the latest Club Records for all bowtypes.

New Club Records since Jan 1st 2016:

New Warwick Gents U18 Barebow 124 Adam Thomas
Short Warwick Gents Barebow 169 Jon Williams
Frostbite Ladies Barebow 93 Rhiannan Melvin
Frostbite Ladies Longbow 109 Pat Beaumont
Frostbite Gents Barebow 275 Adam Thomas
Frostbite Gents Longbow 189 Lance Wark
Frostbite Gents Primitive 158 Mark Beaumont
Frostbite Gents Recurve 276 Laurent Rathborn
WA 25 (indoor) Gents Recurve 485 Trevor Butler
WA 18 (indoor) Gents Barebow 346 Adam Thomas
Portsmouth Ladies Primitive 227 Pat Beaumont
Portsmouth Ladies U18 Barebow 320 Laura Brooks
Portsmouth Gents Barebow 470 Adam Thomas
Portsmouth Gents Primitive 348 Mark Beaumont
Bray 2 Ladies Longbow 120 Pat Beaumont
Bray 2 Gents Barebow 189 Adam Thomas
Bray 2 Gents Longbow 168 Lance Wark
Bray 2 Gents Recurve 227 Adrian Murnaghan

Congratulations to you all keep scoring.
Margaret Thomas, Club Records Officer.