Lintman Junior Squad Launched

Junior Squad logo

This Sunday, 12 March from 10:00 – 12:00, will see the first of our new dedicated coaching and training sessions for Junior archers in the Club.

These sessions will go ahead even if the weather isn’t great. We’ll be using the Club’s event shelters to provide some protection from the elements where necessary.

The Lintman Junior Squad is a new initiative for 2017 designed to provide our junior members with a positive experience of coaching in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The squad sessions will be held on the second Sunday each month on the Club training range.

Led by coach Derek Trigg, participants will have the chance to receive dedicated support whether they are relatively new to archery or have been shooting for a while.

Each session aims to help participants improve core skills for shooting and give them the opportunity to develop personally and socially. Meeting regularly as a squad the Juniors will get to practice together and put the coaching into practice.