Management Committee

Meet the officers and members of the Lintman Management Committee:

Chairman – Michael Roper.

Michael Roper

Michael chairs the regular Lintman management committee meetings and also liaises with external groups including our neighbours and local residents when required. Mike joined the committee in 2015 and can be contacted by email via

Treasurer – Oliver Gibbs.

Oliver Gibbs

Oliver in his fourth year on the management committee looks after the Club’s finances and accounts and also is our tournament team captain and organises the Lintman entries to local Archery GB Open competitions. Oliver can be contacted by email via

 Secretary – Adrian Murnaghan.

Adrian Murnaghan

Adrian is secretary to the management committee and responsible for the administration of the Club. This includes dealing with memberships, liaison with Archery GB, communications and administration of the website. Adrian can be contacted by email via

Records Officer – Lindsey Roberts.

Lindsey manages the Club’s archery records including archery classifications and handicaps for members. Lindsey can be contacted by email via

Coaching Officer – Vacant

Club Member – Phil Roberts.

Phil has been an active member of Lintman for five years joining the management committee in 2016.

Club Member – Alice Banham

Alice joined the Management Committee in 2019 having been an active member of the Club since 2017.

Club Member – Jason Banham

Jason also joined the Management Committee in 2019 alongside Alice, and is looking at joining the coaching team in 2020.