New Club Records since January 1st

Congratulations to the following people who have all
been awarded club records since January 1st 2015.

Ewan Dobres                  Recurve U16         Short Warwick   279
Michael Roper               Primitive Bow        Long Warwick    73
Adam Thomas               Bare Bow U18        Portsmouth        507
Mark Beaumont            LongBow                 WA 25m             224
Pat Beaumont                LongBow                 WA 25m            196
Adam Thomas               Bare Bow U18         WA 25m            413
Laurent Rathborn         Recurve                   WA 25m            484
Pat Beaumont                LongBow                  WA 18m            146
Ewan Dobres                  Recurve U16           WA 18m            262
Michael Roper                Primitive Bow        Bristol IV           772
Michael Roper                Primitive Bow        Junior National 372

Keep sending in your scores, you may be next.
Margaret Thomas (Records Officer)