Outdoor Series Results

Throughout the outdoor season the Club runs a series of monthly competition shoots for members, on the first Sunday of the month.
The results of those competitions are published here.

July 2017 – American Rounds

Gentlemen Recurve
Derek Trigg 652
Phil Roberts 644
Gentleman Recurve – Short Course
Nicolas Schwachhiem 672
Tony Hamilton 634
Martin Sinclair 589
Ladies Recurve
Lindsey Roberts 351
Ladies Recurve – Short Course
Eva Blanco 660
Sian Hamilton 588
Ladies Barebow
Mayra Schwachhiem 424
Junior Ladies Recurve
Abigail 682
Gentleman Compound
Michael Roper 656
Bob Fox 561
Gentleman Flight Bow
Jim Mason 360
Alex Wells 359

June 2017 – Windsor Rounds

Gentleman Recurve
Laurent Rathborn Windsor 882
Tony Hamilton Junior Windsor 874
David Dormon Junior Windsor 808
Oliver Gibbs Windsor 800
Derek Trigg Windsor 798
Philip Roberts Windsor 739
Jason Banham Junior Windsor 697
Andrew Trapnell Windsor 659
Junior Gentleman Recurve
Rhys Junior Windsor 506
Ladies Recurve
Sian Hamilton Junior Windsor 751
Pam Johnson Windsor 704
Eva Blanco Junior Windsor 676
Alice Banham Junior Windsor 656
Kate Lloyd Short Windsor 598
Melanie Trapnell Junior Windsor 493
Lindsey Roberts Windsor 448
Lisa Dorman Junior Windsor 364
Junior Ladies Recurve
Abigail Junior Windsor 807
Gentleman Compound
Bob Fox Short Windsor 760
Gentleman Flight Bow
Jim Mason Short Windsor 540
Chris Miller Windsor 538
Alex Wells Short Windsor 491

May 2017 – Western Rounds

Gentleman Recurve
Tony Hamilton Junior Western 722
Phil Roberts Western 644
Ladies Recurve
Eva Blanco Junior Western 542
Sian Hamilton Junior Western 526
Lisa Dorman Junior Western 360
Lindsey Roberts Western 296
Junior Ladies Recurve
Abigail Short Junior Western 770
Scarlett Short Junior Western 637
Annabelle Junior Western 529
Emily Junior Western 452
Grace Junior Western 323
Gentlemen Compound
Bob Fox Short Western 615
Gentlemen Longbow
Jim Mason Short Western 451
Alex Wells Short Western 426

April 2017 – National Rounds

Gentlemen Recurve
Greg Larsen Short Junior National 574
Philip Roberts National 504
Phil Garrett National 480
Derek Trigg Long National 398
Trevor Butler Long National 381
Martin Sinclair Short National 277
Ladies Recurve
Eva Blanco Short Junior National 491
Lindsey Roberts National 239
Junior Ladies Recurve
Annabelle Clark Short Junior National 371
Emily Vigar Short junior National 254
Gentlemen Longbow
Jim Mason Short National 313
Alex Wells Short National 298
Gentlemen Flight Bow
Lajos Bakk Short National 216