Outdoor Series Results

Throughout the outdoor season the Club runs a series of monthly competition shoots for members, on the first Sunday of the month.
The results of those competitions are published here.

May 2018 – Western Rounds

Gentlemen Recurve
Paul Tooley Long Western 708
Phil Roberts Western 664
Andrew Trapnell Short Western 644
John Liddle Junior Western 599
Derek Trigg Long Western 188
Ladies Recurve
Tanya Tooley Western 686
Alice Banham Junior Western 639
Pam Johnson Western 581
Kate Lloyd Short Western 548
Lindsey Roberts Western 404
Melanie Trapnell Short Western 307
Junior Ladies Recurve
Emily Vigar Junior Western 333
Junior Gentlemen Recurve
Rhys Lloyd Junior Western 464
Gentlemen Longbow
Jim Mason Western 217
Gentlemen Barebow
Alex Bowen Western 281

April 2018 – National Rounds

Gentlemen Recurve
Philip Roberts National 495
Adrian Murnaghan National 420
Derek Trigg National 401
Robert Beagley Short National 374
Duncan Kerr Short Junior National 188
Ladies Recurve
Lindsey Roberts National 337
Junior U14 Recurve
Honor Macdonald Short Junior National 155
Junior U12 Recurve
Scarlett Beagley Short Junior National 566
Gentlemen Longbow
Chris Woods National 201
Jim Mason National 167
Gentlemen Compound
Bob Fox Short National 524