Portsmouth League

During the Indoor Season we run a Portsmouth League at our indoor shooting range at the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley Camp.

Based on Portsmouth Rounds the League Table is based on the average of each member’s best 3 scores submitted over the season.

The 2018/19 indoor season is nearing conclusion and the Final League table will be updated at the end of March.

The Portsmouth League table at the end of February 2019 is:

Senior Recurve
Laurent Rathborn556.3
Pam Johnson544.0
Tu Pham543.3
James Milne520.6
Tanya Tooley519.6
Adrian Murnaghan516.6
Kate Lloyd485.6
John Liddell427.0
Teresa Liddell424.3
Junior Recurve
Scarlett Beagley488.6
Rhys Lloyd441.6
Senior Longbow
Chris Woods318.0
Senior Barebow
Alex Bowen498.6