Recurve bow overview

Basic recurve bows are made from laminated timber usually with a clear finish on the riser and the limbs having a layer of fibreglass applied each side for strength.

The types of timber used in the riser can vary, giving a multi-coloured appearance.

The bows provided by Lintman Archery are known as “Take-Down Recurve” bows. These have a pocket at the top and bottom of the riser into which the limbs bolt. This allows for dismantling of the bow for transport.

The limbs, being separate, can be replaced by limbs that may be slightly stronger or lighter.

The draw weight of the bow is usually written on the face of the lower limb.

The weight is noted in pounds (lbs) at a draw length of 28 inches, e.g. #20 @ 28. Which means at a full draw of 28 inches the force required to hold the bowstring at this length will be 20 pounds. This 28 inches is measured as 26.25 inches from the nock slot to the throat of the grip (usually corresponds to the position of the arrow rest) + 1.75 inches.

A coach will be able to help you with defining the weight of your bow if you are unsure.