Scoring & Records

Scoring Basics

Scoring is a central part of target archery as it enables you to track your progress and to compete with others if desired. There are two official scoring methods, 5 zone (archery GB) and 10 zone (world archery). Both use the same target face but have different scoring zones.

More details can be found by downloading our Scoring Guide.

The Club keeps scoring records for all members. You can submit your scores either by placing your scores in the wallet inside the large shed at the Lintman Range or by email to Lindsey Roberts our Records officer at

There are a wide variety of recognised ‘Rounds’ to score. More details can be found in the AGB Target Rounds information sheet.

Score Sheets

Please use the Lintman score sheets and fill in all the  needed information. If you make your own score sheets please include the same information on them as on these sheets.

Lintman Outdoor Scoresheet

Lintman Indoor Scoresheet