Use of Mobile Targets – Staking Down

As all are aware, we have a number of mobile targets on the training range.

These are for use;

  1. on beginners courses,
  2. for coaching or bow tuning,
  3. for members wishing to shoot distances for which there is no ‘fixed’ target on the main range,
  4. at any other time when members do not wish to shoot on the main range.

As the targets are all on wheels they can easily be moved to suit the needs of members, however it is imperative that the targets are properly staked down when they are moved. Recently, one of the targets was blown over due to not being staked down and today another of the targets was found completely unsecured – 4 stakes were with the target and unused.

If shooting an unsecured or inadequately secured target in windy conditions it can, and probably will, blow over – damaging your arrows beyond repair in the process. This has happened in the past. Furthermore, there is the likely hood that the target itself will be damaged and as the current replacement cost of one of these targets is £362, it is important they are kept in good condition.

So, we would urge all members when moving these targets to ensure they are staked down properly – even if there is no wind when you are shooting, it does not take long for conditions to change. Heavy steel mallets are available in the main shed on the shelf adjacent to the mower, and a long steel spike is also in the same area (standing in the corner of the shed) to assist in removing the stakes. Please ensure the tools are returned after use.

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Mark Beaumont